Milwaukee Service center


img_9005-1So yesterday I was framing out a closet and needed to cut out the bottom plate for the doors. I pulled out my trusty Milwaukee M18 Fuel Sawzall and tossed a blade in.I started my cut and about 3 seconds into it the Sawzall quit.
First thing I did was pull the battery and toss in another, nope didn’t work. The LED light by the blade was blinking. I then called Milwaukees service number which is conveniently 1-800-sawdust.


They transferred me to a technician who asked me a couple questions. He came to conclusion that its not going to be a simple fix and it would have to be taken into the service center.


The next morning I took it in. The guys there were super friendly. They had a look at it while I told them what happened and the technician right away said its the switch.

They took my name and number and said they would fix it.
I drove down the street and got 4 gallons of paint mixed up and talked for a bit to the guys at the paint store. I hoped in the truck and was about to back out when the phone rang. It was the service center telling me that my Sawzall was fixed and ready to be picked up! 35 minutes it took them to change out the switch.
I drove right over to get it. The manager told me sometimes this happens. Tools are a lot more complex then they used to be. This tool for instance has 3 boards in it. I thanked him and got on my way.
Its amazing how far we have moved along with power tools in the last 10 years. With the amount of tools Milwaukee sells of course there’s going to be some hiccups. But never fear Milwaukee will stand behind their tools and get them back to you as quick as they can! With a five year warranty and service like this how could you go wrong?

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