Makita 18v Brushless Barrel Grip Jigsaw 

Just over six months ago we decided to switch to the barrel grip Makita DJV181 brushless jigsaw. Before we bought this one we ran the LXT top handle Jigsaw for many of years. There was nothing wrong with our older one, we’ve just been switching over to the new brushless cordless tools.
I was a bit worried about not having a switch to control the on and off. But after running it for a little while I got used to the buttons. You can push either one to shut it down.

Now there’s two buttons to get this jigsaw started it’s quite easy you just push the unlock button which gives you about 10 seconds to push the power button before it locks itself. Once it starts it will have a soft start until it gets load on the motor then it goes up to your set speed. I believe this is for less vibration so that you can get a nicer start and be more accurate when cutting into the wood. It absolutely works flawlessly.

There are two LEDs above each side of the blade which provide more than enough light to see where you’re cutting.

Installing your blade works very nicely, you don’t have to pull the release to slide the blade in it just pops right in. Another great feature that I noticed is that the blade holder is spring loaded, so if your blade is hot all you do is pull the release and it pops right out.
It has one setting for straight cut and then three settings for orbital cuts. At the back of the machine just above the battery there are six different settings for your speed.

One of my favorite blades to use in this jigsaw is a coping blade for Precision work. This jigsaw is like any other Makita tool it’s well-thought-out and will be at the top of the jigsaw game for a long time.

I’m sure everyone can agree one of the worst things about a corded jigsaw is obviously having the cord in your way. I cannot count how many times I have nearly screwed up a cut because the cord gets stuck or in the way.
So if you’re still running a corded jigsaw or thinking of upgrading, this would definitely be the one to pick up! We highly recommend it.

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