Milwaukee One-Key Hammer Drill and Impact 

The Milwaukee One-Key drill and impact Kit.Milwaukee kept us guessing last year with what they were going to change the workplace with.

They released tools that can be totally customized via Bluetooth from your smart phone. They call the system One-Key.

Now a lot of people weren’t very interested in the One-Key when it was first released.
For us we were just thinking oh no more electronics to go wrong. I myself already get a headache when I’m trying to program or update something in the computer.
But after some use we really became confident in the One-Key. We have worked this set hard.

Now what these tools are is the second-generation Milwaukee Fuel drill and Impact with the advantages of Bluetooth capabilities able to fully customize your tools via smartphone or iPad/tablet.
The configurations are endless, you can control your speed and torque from your smartphone on the jobsite. You can also control your trigger ramp up time, meaning when you pull the trigger it can have a slower gradual start to full blast. Also work light duration can be controlled and the brightness of the light.

Now the way this works is you connect your phone to the tool you want to customize. From in the settings you pick which out of the four settings buttons on the drill/impact you want to customize. You then set it up the way you want and you can name it and save it.
After some experimenting we have saved setting for screwing on switch and plug plates all the way to using big hole saws.

Now let’s get straight to the point. Is this tool for everyone? Maybe it’s not for everyone. I think these tools are more aimed toward the professionals that do more than one thing in their job or even some assembly line work that needs repetitive precision.

For us our work pretty much changes every day from development to finishing.
I also believe that plumbers, mechanics and electricians will really enjoy One-Key capabilities.

I even think it would be great to train an apprentice on. You could set it up so they couldn’t get out of control or over sink screws. Even our 8 year old was doing a bang on job with it setup right.

The One-Key also has a tool tracking application now. The way this works is if you have your location services turned on in your phone settings and One-Key app settings. What it does is track where your tool was the last time they were connected. It would work very nicely if you forgot a tool on a jobsite.
Another great feature of the One-Key system is the kickback control, with the tool having electronic clutch you can set from 1 to 10 and right when the tool catches it stops dead. It’s great for drilling or using hole saws. No more twisting your wrists.

All in all its a great system. Now remember this is the start of cutting edge technology. A lot of people are skeptical about it. But we’ve said that about other things we use and rely on on a daily basis now.

We are really enjoying our set and use it almost everyday. Being able to set them up just the way we want is great. We recommend this set for the reasons above. It is truly the future of tools. Milwaukee says they are coming out with more updates for the One-Key system that will unlock the tools even more.
This kit is available through Construction Fasteners
Link to all ONE-KEY products –
$569 for the 2796-22 (and free 5.0 AH battery)

$539 for the 2795-22 (and free 5.0 AH battery)
Coupon code: MURRAY5 – 5% off all ONE-KEY until May 15th
Free Shipping on orders over $100 Across Canada (as long as they are not over weight, size, or in Yukon/Nunavat)

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