Milwaukee Hardline Knives

If your anything like me these knives will make you smile.
I’ve carried both the 2.5″ and 3″ knives in my pockets since I got them. While driving I constantly flip one of them open. Being in my pockets on a construction site they got full of all sort of dust and debris. 

I can report back that these knives are holding up excellent.

Straight out of the package they are razor sharp. They come in 3 different size 2.5″, 3″ and 3.5″ blades. All available with smooth blades and the 3″ is also available with a serrated blade. 

If I would have to choose between the two that we have now I would totally go for the 2.5″. It’s really the perfect size for me as a EDC (every day carry).

The blade is made from D2 steel which is top quality to ensure long life and performance.
The flipper mechanism is great, it consists of ball bearing to give a smooth open. They have a little thumb/finger button at the back which you have to flick to make the blade pop open. There is a bit of resistance but this ensures the knife won’t open on its own and it helps it flick open as well. 

So far with all my flicking I’ve noticed it’s got a bit smoother over time. But not a warn out smoother, just a worn in. 

The clip on the back is also great on these knives. I just clip it in my pocket and there is still enough room and smoothness on the outer shell of the body that my hand doesn’t get torn up going in and out of my pocket. Now the clip on the smaller knife had loosened a bit so I just added some LocTite and we were back in business. No problems since. Also on the outside of the clip is the Milwaukee logo.

The body is made up of a glass filled nylon handle with a Stainless Steel back that has a stone washed black oxide finish as well as the blade, which is wearing very nicely and showing some character. There is also a red insert in the middle of the body that looks great and adds some contrast to the knife.

There is an opening steel frame lock that works great. It seems that it should not loosen up to much over time.

So overall this knife is one of my absolute favorites. For the price you can’t go wrong. I have some expensive kershaw knives that are three times the money and I’m not seeing any differences in quality. 

One response to “Milwaukee Hardline Knives

  1. Great knifes from Milwaukee!! That was awfully nice that Milwaukee sent you a personalized knife. I love my 3inch serrated blade.


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