Dewalt FlexVolt 120v Cordless/Corded 12″ Miter Saw

Dewalts Cordless/Corded 12″ Sliding compound Miter Saw. This thing is an absolute beast. You can’t tell any difference between this and a corded saw. You might even say it has more power.

It’s runs off 2 60v Flexvolt batteries from Dewalt. The New battery system is pretty cool, I’ve heard a lot of guys mad about a new battery platform but that’s not the case. The 60v is also a 20v. But I do understand the frustration of having to buy the New batteries to run the 60v FlexVolt tools. The battery knows whether it’s on a 60v tool or 20v using a simple mechanism that gets pushed inside the battery to switch between the 20v, shipping mode and 60v option. It’s very impressive technology. There is a red cap that goes on top of the battery for transportation. What it does is make the battery safe for travel by air or vessel. It knocks it under 100 watt hours which makes it not classified as dangerous good. So good on Dewalt for figuring out a way around this.

So enough about batteries and back to the saw. This is 120v saw so it takes 2 60v batteries to run it. If one battery dies the saw will not run. They are supposed to evenly pull energy from each battery. We did a test that confirms that. 
On 3″ base you can get around 300 cuts off 2 fully charged 2.0 60v batteries. Once the 3.0 60v Flexvolt batteries drop you’ll get a lot more. 
The saw has a great feel. It is based off the DW780 and let’s not kid its the spitting image. The DW780 is an absolute favorite of most carpenters, so why not just make it brushless and cordless/corded. The spring has just the right amount of tension. The slider is silky smooth and it’s just an easy saw to work with.

Being a 12″ saw means some weight comes with it, so keep that in mind if you are thinking of purchasing one. Now is it a deal breaker? Heck NO! Every 12″ miter is around this weight.
Another very cool thing about the saw is if your batteries are dead or you have a plug close by it can be plugged in. They make an adapter that comes with the kit that plugs into the saw and into the wall. You can notice the difference in the start up when being plugged in. Dc (Direct current) is constant and moves in on direction like a flat line, Ac (actuating current) bounces up and down and flows backwards a bit. 

This is amazing tech from Dewalt. The fact that there is no draw through a cord make this saw full powered from the start of the cut to the end. No more blowing breakers.
A lot of contractors in new houses are fighting over plugs. For us we sometimes work in older homes and there’s not a plug to be found on the exterior. That’s when cordless comes into play. 
Everything on this saw is beefy. The dentants are tested and true. The bevel mechanism ensures that it stays true. 

It doesn’t have a laser but features the dewalt Cutline which uses leds to cast a shadow of the blade. In extreme sunlight it’s hard to see but most other areas you’ll be fine.
Dust collection wise its alright, there is a few that are better and a bunch that are a lot worse. With an extractor hooked up and on full it’s pretty decent.

So overall we are loving this Saw. We’ve had no problems and it’s made work easier being cordless. The question is how are these Flexvolt batteries going to hold up? We haven’t had any overheating problems. This Saw is truly one of a kind at the moment. Power and quality it’s top notch. If you are in the market we highly recommend you have a look at this Saw. It’s one of the best we’ve used.

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