Dewalt 60v FlexVolt 7 1/4 Circular Saw

 We’ve ran it for a couple months now and here’s what we’ve found


-corded power, most powerful on the market

-great grip and balanced well with a battery

-solid build

-decent runtime

-fast brake

-LED light 


-new battery platform but it works with 20v

-heavy especially with battery

– rip fence not included

-dust collection adapter not included

-no left blade option

Final thoughts

It’s a great looking Saw and the power is unbelievable. This is that Saw that will make those old boys believers in cordless tools.

We’ve used it on Demos and some sheeting jobs. The dust collection really doesn’t work with a bag, you need an extractor hooked up. Honestly being right handed I totally prefer a left blade Saw, it’s just so much easier to see the blade. If you don’t mind using a right blade Circular Saw this is totally one to consider.

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